Al-Mustafa International University’s statement of condemnation of the Zionist regime bombing of al Mamdani Hospital in Gaza


In the name of Allah

“Those who are fought against are permitted [to fight] because they have been wronged, and Allah is indeed able to help them” (Holy Qur’an 22:39)
The insane and bloody strike of the Zionist regime on al-Mamdani hospital, a rarely occurring action, after ten days of brutal attacks on the innocent and defenseless people of Gaza, revealed the violence and brutality of this regime under the eyes of the world.
Certainly, the support of the U.S. and its Western allies as well as the silence of the responsible international organizations vis-à-vis the crimes of the Israeli occupiers, have been playing an important role in the courage of this bloodthirsty regime; and undoubtedly, in the public opinion, those who are backing them, are considered to be the accomplices in their crimes.
Today’s scene in Palestine and the oppressed Gaza is a historical examination of the world community. Al-Mustafa international University expressing its condolences to the patient Palestinian nation and the Islamic Ummah for this painful and sorrowful tragedy, recalls all Muslims in all Islamic countries as well as all free people of the world to do their divine and human duty in this crucial circumstance to condemn these actions and to put their efforts to eliminate these violations. All Islamic states are also expected to stand against and prevent the atrocities committed by this occupying regime with their utmost power and potentials.
October 18, 2023
Al-Mustafa International University