People should read books every day & nothing can replace this May 13, 2024 Print

Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution visited the 35th Tehran International Book Fair this morning, May 13, 2024. While visiting the exhibition in the Imam Khomeini (ra) Mosalla in Tehran, he spoke with publishers, authors, and the managers of book stalls.
After his visit, Imam Khamenei stated that his reason for the visit was primarily his personal passion and keen interest in books. Additionally, he said another reason for visiting the book fair was to prepare the environment for promoting books and reading.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized that all individuals, regardless of their age or educational background, need books since nothing can take the place of a book.

He said, “The social media should not take the place of reading books, and books should always have a special place in people's shopping carts and in their general leisure time. Those who are active in the social media should introduce and promote good, ‘useful books’ in a range of subjects such as in science, literature, history, art, religion, and beliefs.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution explained, “The increase in new books, the increase in the number of books, and the frequent reprinting of certain books are all part of the good news [that we have observed] in this year's exhibition.”

Imam Khamenei believes one of the serious needs of the younger generation is the publication of books that explain various issues and events. He said, “In the area of judicial issues such as Constitutionalism, the Sacred Defense, the Islamic Revolution, and in describing prominent, unique figures such as Imam [Khomeini] (ra), suitable books must be published for the younger generation.”