The unveiling ceremony of the new website and the new software package of MOU

At the unveiling ceremony of the new website and the new software package of  MOU,  Hujjat al-Islam Husseini, president of Al-Mustafa Open University, explained about the characteristics of Islamic revolution and asserted: “being Islamic and fighting against arrogance have been considered as the main factors of Islamic revolution that has been illustrated by Imam Khomeini ”, adding “clarification of pure Islamic teachings and dissemination of thoughts of prophet’s household has been among the major achievements of Al-Mustafa International University.

He also stated that “Regardless of the intrinsic threats imposed by online media, the cyber space offers amazing opportunities to promote genuine divine teachings on a global scale”

Dr. Taei Zadeh, the deputy of information technology of MOU: “System Optimization will cause students to avoid confusion”, adding “promoting the security of users’ information, availability, high speed in data transfer are the main features of the new system of MOU”

Dr. Kamal Ezzat, the deputy of education of MOU: “we are glad to work in an organization, heading by a director who knows online education well”. He also emphasized on the importance of updating the systems of MOU to make them available for its global audience throughout the world.

Dr. Amini Golestani, head of department of communication and international affairs of MOU, who was another keynote speaker of the event, said congratulations on Fajr decade and called Al-Mustafa Open University as one of the great achievements of Islamic Revolution of Iran. He added: providing the visitors of MOU’s website with content in 14 international languages is such a unique achievement of MOU, not only in Al-Mustafa level but also in national level, and gave notice on developing the website of MOU in 20 languages in the year ahead. Dr. Amini Golestani also informed of setting up a specialized committee of translation at the department of communication and international affairs.

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